#1 Secret Agendas Governing Foreign Policy
By Johnny Blue Star

In a few months, we will be inaugurating a formal crowdfunding campaign to create an extremely valuable social network that will further the cause of human and citizen rights for the world- and, initially for the United States. This network will not only educate and inform its members about current and prospective government policies and candidates for office, but empower them to aggregate their power of voting as a means of persuasion to gain the attention of members of government.  Citizens who wish to change the way their government operates need to take control over the reins of government through the electoral process.

I don’t care much for any of the current administration’s policies nor, frankly, do I care for the establishment Democrats either. Personally, I don’t know if the Russians attempted to interfere with out elections or not. Should I trust the often anonymous and generally classified reports of the intelligence services and the politicians and public who claim to believe in their impeccable integrity? As Donald Trump reminded us in regard to the war with Iraq, it wasn’t too long ago that they were flooding the public with disinformation, intentional or not, buoyed up by the rhetorical excellence of Colin Powell. Unfortunately, the covert agenda of such policies appears to often be advancing the desires of special interests- pouring billions of dollars into military equipment and activities without a keen dedication to our true national interest.

If I can say one thing in favor of Trump, when campaigning for office and even now, he had, at least, a taste of the media and political mirage we live in. It is a dangerous mirage and I agree with various critics of the emphasis based on the alleged Russian interference in our election processes- as it scurries very closely at to actions that could further increase tensions between our countries and might even lead to devastating and irreversible military actions. Who are we to talk, anyway?

To my mind, the supreme irony, particularly regarding the supposedly hacked or stolen data from the Democratic party- is that it revealed that their ruling body, consisting of a now disgraced but still relatively unrepentant group of people, may very well have deprived America of a chance to defeat Trump and to have a shot at a better, more sensible inhabitant in the White House. The Democratic National Committee now facing a court case for their subterfuge in undermining, under supporting and underfunding the candidacy of Bernie Sanders, are the irrefutable true meddlers in our election process. It is fascinating how they have managed, backed by the mainstream media, to create a national campaign against Russian meddling. Any castigations against the Russians, assuming they are true, cannot erase the fact we have done an outrageous amount of meddling in other countries.

And the reality, whether you are for Trump or not, whether you like his policies or not (and I do not), he has stood as a kind of bulwark against this campaign. Against a possible war and more chaos/destruction and the possibility of a planetary Armageddon…

In the following excerpt from an interview regarding the new UN treaty focusing on the abolishment of nuclear weapons and signed by 122 nations, Real News anchor, Aaron Maté, asks Rick Wayman of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, is asked about the current focus on Russia as an adverstary in government and in the media.

Sanctions against Russia have now passed Congress and have been signed by what some assume to be a somewhat reluctant President, partially as a result of its “meddling” in our elections. A tremendous effort has been made to accuse Russia for this terrible affront against our democracy. Whether they did it or not, I agree that no country should do it. But considering all the factors involved and the motivation for this level of concentration and prioritization, should we not look in our own backyard for the significant attempts to sabotage our electoral process?

Even CNN, whose anchors and guests have largely been demonizing Russia particularly because of the electioneering allegation, seems finally waking up to the dangers now facing our country because of these sanctions. CNN, despite this somewhat more sensible article, “US, Russia Hurtle toward Dangerous Escalation,” is a contributor to this black and white classification of Russia as an “adversary.” When you decide to radically separate yourself a person, business or country through this type of label, you are automatically taking on the persona of an enemy yourself- blurring out the samenesses in favor of the differences. Is that such a great approach in these circumstances?

What about all these Russian connections with his staff that were misrepresented and have led to growing mistrust about his Administration? Well, they appear to be there, bold, very real and engendering a deserved skepticism about many of his staff’s regard for the truth. And, yes, it is even possible there was a considerable effort to prematurely and covertly work with the Russians to support Trump’s election- but there might be other reasons, equally unsavory. Or even- to the disappointment of CNN and other so-called liberal media, nothing really at all.

My complaint here is that the true and obvious meddlers in our election processes were the Democratic National Committee and the media. This is a world defined by special interests. And when the interests are intent in turning a potentially powerfully friend into a nation forever branded as an adversary, I think we could do better. To me, our foreign policy should not disguise a secret monetization agenda under the banner of electioneering fraud, whether it took place or not. Bu this I mean, I combination of imperial interest in acquiring another nation’s assets, funding private industry that derives revenue from the military and creating the responsive type of voter who will back the capitalization of an undeclared war. As this claim of electioneering begins to slowly dominate the news cycle and crowd out our own domestic electioneering corruption, it puts our country- even the world at risk.  Our agendas for foreign policy should be chosen to serve our national interest, not to make war for money.

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Johnny Blue Star, CEO
New Galaxy Enterprises, Inc.
Host and Producer of Threshold Radio