#2 The Threat of Nuclear Holocaust
By Johnny Blue Star

Several years ago, I worked for an organization that planned on being a platform for political empowerment through the Internet. This organization was modeled on the idea that representative democracy was good for America. At the time, I was concerned about opening up a platform for anyone- because I believed that the elite who controlled this country could easily buy their way into such a platform and therefore subvert any real democratic and humanistic outcomes that might follow such an enterprise. If you follow what Jefferson said- when he spoke about democracy, he said you need an “informed citizenry” to make it happen. I did not want the Koch brothers or others barging into such a platform- and, now, when I see the plethora of people who supported and voted for Clinton and Trump, I see the dangers of not having what I call “an informed and enlightened citizenry’ at the forefront of a platform- a platform whose members and purposes CATEGORICALLY STAND FOR SOMETHING.

That SOMETHING is human and citizen rights that have been taken from us by our corporations and government through an alliance that has perfected the ability to vote in or push forward policies that directly confront the constitutional rights, political and our economic well-being. Our rights were provided to us by our Founding Fathers and the progressive improvements made that followed, giving us, at least by law, the opportunity to vote regardless of certain unfair ethnic, financial, gender, minority or age characteristics. Given this swelling of voters who often did not know their own welfare was being compromised, I did not want to create a platform to enhance the same destructive forces that have been asleep for so many years, particularly following 911, that have sought to validate the destruction of my country’s dedication to human and citizen rights.

So, I am in the process of developing a social networking platform called LE PLANÈTE, which I will explain in more detail in continuing posts. This platform will provide a way to voters’ concern to make meaningful impact on our elected officials and on government agencies. In this discussion, I will focus on one of the key reasons why informed citizens should help take their country back. In fact, it is a matter of life or death- one that many citizens probably don’t know much about or think about. Those of us who remember the Cuban missile crisis might be a bit more sensitive to this decades old reality.

We are talking about the dangers of a possible nuclear holocaust. Every citizen in the United States and the rest of the world should have been aware of how for decades, yet probably unknown to the majority of human beings, that their lives, their families, their friends and their entire country- indeed, the entire planet- could be largely lost in a matter of hours- with the seeds of total destruction being firmly planted in the sky and earth under the banner of Mutually Assured Destruction in a few short hours.  One of the inalienable rights we are undoubtedly promised is the right to life- without which liberty and the pursuit of happiness is not possible.

Still, although many of our world citizens may have been oblivious, 122 nations throughout the world recently acknowledged their right to life and survival when recently when the UN adopted an historic nuclear treaty. In the following segment from Real News with anchor, Aaron Maté, asks Ira Helfand, the co-founder and past president of Physicians for Social Responsibility to talk about what the treaty means and how it evolved.

This treaty is an historic and amazing response to anyone who might have thought that no one was listening. Yet the process to move forward has not been easy and, as we see in the next segment, where Aaron addresses Rick Wayman of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation:

Right now, the little active and potential wars we are fighting, directly or indirectly, could lead to a planetary holocaust. So when you see confusing, contradictory and often negative government policies that have or could lead to war with nuclear powers, one should be nervous.

With 25000 or more nuclear weapons on Earth now and something like 2500 on High Alert, ready to be vetted for retaliation and launched in just a few minutes by a President or Prime Minister, the end of our world and the deaths of ourselves and all the people we love could be a matter of minutes- and, even worse- if that’s possible, it could just be a kind of mistake. Nuclear war could be started by an accident.

How did our planet get into this ridiculously dangerous situation? It started with the success of the Manhattan Project, which ultimately created the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II. This was a secret program, totally unknown to the world or to the American people. It was said to be helpful in saving American soldiers in a potential invasion of Japan. What it did was, in fact, pave the way for policy of MAD, an acronym for Mutually Assured Destruction, which has put the entire population of our planet in risk of their lives and all their friends and relatives – as soon as the nuclear arms race began, which started with the Soviet Union and now including 9 different countries.

Let’s hear how Ira Helfand explains the danger.

What has this got to do with taking our country back? It has to do with an ever-escalating arms race that can, at any moment, provide the justification for more trillions of dollars dumped into an end-the-world in an hour or so scenario. And even if the escalation doesn’t include nuclear weapons, the endless little wars feed the voracious appetites of the Military Industrial Complex, composed of gigantic companies which feed our Washington political campaigns with millions of dollars. Historically, this is the Congress that was supposed to declare war after protracted reflection but more or less surrendered that right to an Imperial Presidency.

The threat of nuclear war and these endless wars are only one part of a picture that are controlled overtly by monied sources which control conventional media and, because of the passivity of many of our fellow Americans, are the ones who hold the real keys to meddling with the media. The only reason that these endless wars are so easily approved into a blood-soaked reality is that our elected officials are more interested in holding their positions in line with their campaign financiers than they are with their sound asleep constituents who are now letting them literally downsize whatever human rights and financial security they have left- right beneath their noses- because their decision-making is guided by the largely programmed reality set forth for them by the media.

To take our country back, we must be empowered to take political action. And to do that, we must take back our human and citizen rights, which in my view, include the right to health and safety under the banner of the inalienable right to “life” and the right to our human and citizen rights under the banner of “liberty.” As to happiness, we need the security of being able to protect our human and citizen rights ourselves. For centuries, we were progressively gaining those rights, initiated but not completed by the Founding Fathers.

For this reason, as I have mentioned, I am initiating a social network called Le Planete, which, if nothing else initially, will be an incubator for democracy- for a real democracy controlled by citizens who are enlightened and informed. As Jefferson stated, democracy needs an informed citizenry to work. I am taking this idea one step further, I believe we need an enlightened and informed citizenry.

Johnny Blue Star, CEO
New Galaxy Enterprises, Inc.
Host and Producer of Threshold Radio
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