Hi Mr. President-

I know it is a bit presumptuous to write to you- because I am probably could get a record for the lowest outreach of any talk show host in the world. And why should you listen to me? Further, I am not currently a fan of most of your policies and refused to vote for either you or Clinton. My former programs have not been favorable to you or Clinton.

However, I heard something when Robert Kennedy was interviewed recently by a reporter he accepted your position as the vaccine investigator. The reporter asked him, “What Kind of a President will Donald Trump become?” He answered, “The kind of President that he wants to be. He can do anything he likes.” (all that is paraphrased from memory).

Well that got to me- because I know you have some great qualities and perhaps a ton of political courage. And, if you make the right decisions and continue to grow, maybe you could be our greatest. It’s possible.

So I decided to look at things differently. Including you, as President.

Let me start with this:

Every single person you encounter in your life has a soul, has a connection to God and has the potential for real human goodness. It doesn’t matter what or who they are. It’s just the way people are created (“…all men are created equal and endowed with their Creator with certain inalienable rights… and among those….). Yes, even Islamic terrorists

and secular psychopathic murderers have souls. They have just fallen into the Dark Side. But despite the fanciful Star Wars phrase, the Dark Side is no laughing matter. It is a pool of destructive, violent and toxic psychically-transformative energy that can reduce a person to a murderous instrument of destruction- serial killers, terrorists of all stripes and hues and those who make and implement genocidal policies and practices all are immersed in this pool.

How do they get there? By being selfish, egotistical and cruel- and falling deeper and deeper into the trap of their own self-proclaimed superiority- sometimes identified with racial, ethnic, genetic or intellectual categories or a combination thereof.

The greatest power a truly great man has is the spiritual power of discernment. Well, forgive me here- because I am not really talking about Fundamentalist concepts- but rather of a more Universalist and perhaps scientific or evidential view of spirituality- and I don’t want to be misinterpreted.

Discernment means, in this context, an awareness of various forms of consciousness, including the concomitant thoughts and feelings, that human beings possess BUT ALSO THE AWARENESS that every human being on Earth has the power of goodness inside them and THE POSSIBILITY OF REDEMPTION.

Oh, then should we give up our military and let people run amuck through our borders, selling drugs and carrying out terrorist plots- because people are inherently good? NO. WE HAVE TO PROTECT OUR CITIZENS and we don’t have much time to analyze an event when that event includes someone who wants to kill us, murder our family or physically destroy us with instruments of military destruction. So, yes, we still need law enforcement, military and various kinds of security.

So, why bring all this up?

Because in every policy you create, modify or carry out- you have to use discernment- to maximize its effect. To do this, you must USE EXTREME EMPATHY and step into the shoes of your allies, neutral audiences, opponents and enemies- and peer into their souls- so you discern what will be the consequence of your policies- even onea that involve the crosshairs of our weapons being turned on a self-confessed enemy of our country or even mankind in general.  YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW EVERYONE IS ABOUT YOUR POLICIES- INCLUDING HOW THEY FEEL, HOW THEY THINK AND HOW THEY WILL ACT.

I BELIEVE YOU HAVE THIS POWER OF DISCERNMENT and I also believe YOU ARE NOT USING IT PROPERLY and you are stepping into one helluva mess because of it.

IF YOU WANT TO UNIFY THIS COUNTRY ON YOUR SIDE- and not just use rhetoric to some rather short term advantage, we need to UNDERSTAND EVERYONE ON THE PLAYING FIELD by STEPPING INTO THEIR SHOES!

I hate stop writing but this is already too long. Still, it documents what I think is missing in your approach to handling things and what is causing you to having to fall into the slings and arrows of some amazing amount of hate throughout the world.

I would prefer that DONALD TRUMP BE LOVED AND RESPECTED and not hated.



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