If one believed everything on the Internet, Masonry would probably get a very low grade- its teachings supposedly emerging from a very terrible place, from a world of spiritual negativity and a desire for world domination. Not believing this is true- and that Masonry was getting a rather bad rap from many different sources, hungry to assign blame for the political and social ravages we are experiencing today, Threshold Radio  asked for a true insider to help. For what if, for some like my guest, Integrative Physician, Dr. Hugo Rodier, Masonry is more of a solution- rather than a problem- as it was for George Washington and many other of our Founding Fathers? Maybe we should pay more attention when things are labelled so eagerly and so securely. Before we join in a cry of conspiracy, maybe we should take a good look.!


It is quite amazing how the media will have numerous roundtable discussions about politicians’ strategies with pundits of various points of views talking about how important it is to shape political strategies for the moment. It is very much like broadcasters discussing football strategies- with the end game of winning, of course. And- often in this discussion- the issues and their realities are forgotten in the thralls of armchair quarterbacking. Just today, on an NPR radio broadcast, there was a discussion of how Donald Trump is taking a softer tone about deporting millions of undocumented workers from this country and even apologizing for his hurtful remarks to various persons during the primaries.  Are we then supposed to erase his former behavior with the same washcloth that Hillary laughed about when she talked about wiping her hard drive? Is he to be graced with the idea of becoming a “New Man” because he changes his tone and talks about deporting them in a more “gentle way? But let’s not pick on Trump alone. Do we forget how Hillary spoke strongly in favor of the TPP, calling it “The Gold Standard” of trade agreements just because she changed in the heat of growing public concerns about these agreements while Sanders and Trump were gathering momentum on their campaigns? Or should we forget how Obama promised that his would be the most transparent of administrations? I say, we should remember- because politicians who deal in these kinds of strategies can shrug them off when they are confronted with the real world of politicking in a play for pay environment (to broaden the concept a little). So here is a roundtable discussions to make us remember and keep us on our toes.