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Patricia Welch is one of our greatest singers. Her’s a tribute by one of her collaborators and fans.

“Evolution of a Singer” was one of our earlier shows, meant to chronicle the life and work of Patricia Welch. This show gives the viewer a marvelous view of Patricia’s versatility and depth of performance- and her subtle power as an actress capable of fully entering into the “unique voice” of each song, meaning she fully develops and assimilates the character of the fictional and  semi-fictional character created by the songwriter- so that each song is a fully developed creative work of art. Only great singers can do this but not all of them have a four-octave range that can produce the kind of intensity and diversity of each song. For Patricia, as demonstrated by her album, “Great Entertaining- Cocktails, Dinner and Desert” with Patricia, she can accept and face the challenge of doing unique cover songs of the great pop hits of the 1950’s to the 1990’s. She also accepted another challenge,though her work with myself, as lyricist, and Edgar Arens, as composer, bring ingan intensity and power into a forthcoming album and, hopefully, musical called Hadleigh’s Castle, developed in what we Edgar, Patricia and I call the Neo-Classique style. Working with us on this project required a willingness to also live at the cutting edge of unconventional style with uncharted melodic and lyrical  uniqueness. Patricia continues to bring depth to a very commercially depleted musical landscape. Here’s her first interview with us.





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