Why the Wayne Dyer Experience Can Be a Tool for Inner Transformation

The most important thing about this group is the opportunity to provide interactive experience that leads to course correction in our thinking.

It is very interesting that the word, repentance, in Greek- “metanoia”- has two root words, “meta”-change and “noia” from the Greek word, “nous”- mind. I take this to mean that to repent does not mean to swim in remorse- but to change the nature of our mind- from Lower Mind- or ego, as Wayne sometimes refers to it, to Higher Mind- that part of our mind that connects to Source. That’s right. We have two different Minds- and changing from one Mind to another is not either automatic or easy- for most people. It is part of an often very long spiritual path. So, in this case, I look at repentance as a long-term process. Nothing simple- and something often requiring a multitude of tools- of which, I hope, this interactive forum, could be one.

In my opinion, Higher Mind has a way of thinking that corresponds to righteousness, to the inherent goodness of Source and part of the route to this is through changing the thinking patterns involved in our lower consciousness, In another way of addressing this issue, I believe that an effort of changing our ordinary thoughts about events, other people and attitudes towards self, helps us to harmonize our personality with Higher Mind and helps left us up to Higher Mind, which is why we are ultimately trying to change the very nature of our mind, which, on that level, is connected to Source.

I must emphasize here that “Higher Mind’ resides in a different level of consciousness than that of “Lower Mind” or ego. It is a seat of actual spiritual awareness and not just a self-consciousness of the idea of spiritual awareness.

Therefore, changing the way we think about things- a prime element of Wayne’s teachings- help us to a better connection to Source Energy and our Higher Mind. That is why talking about Wayne’s practices and teachings can remind us and help us to look within more effectively and is one way of helping to actualize and perfect self-transformation.




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