5 integrative points on constipation

  1. Constipation is often dismissed with a quick laxative prescription. What does that do? Trigger a BM if you are lucky, but, it does not work on the root of the problem: an imbalance of intestinal flora caused by diet, drugs and chemicals.
  2. Constipation is the tip of the iceberg. The cause of it may lead to many and disparate problems in the future. Constipation is a serious problem. After all, it killed Elvis.
  3. Diet changes should be the main treatment. If you cannot change your diet you will end up depending on medications. Basically, you need to stop eating processed foods and eat more vegetables and fruit.
  4. Probiotics and fiber are the main supplements one may try. There are many others, but, the main treatment is to re-poop-pulate the gut.
  5. Aim for 2-3 BMs a day. Those who tell you 2-3 a week is OK are full of it.

[1] Book Crossing the Quality Chasm, 2001, page 13



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