BAD GENES? DON’T ROLL OVER—TAKE CHARGE! An Integrative View of Genetics.

Weekly, I am asked by fear-driven patients about genetic testing, and if there is something they can do to avert their dim genetic future. These poor patients have been led to believe that their genes are cast in stone and that the same diseases their parents suffered with are most certainly looming in a future awaiting them with doom and gloom.

Shame on those responsible for this pessimistic view of Nature. Why have these purveyors of genetic damnation not informed patients about EPIGENETICS? This new science is not getting much attention despite solid evidence backing its principal tenant, that our genes are influenced by our ENVIRONMENT, not only the food we eat, but the chemicals/toxins we are surrounded by, and even by our relationships and thoughts.

Please, google Epigenetics. You must not take my word for this. You will find that it literally means “Above Genetics.” Ask yourself who stands to gain by genetic fear mongering; not you, that is for sure.

EPIGENETICS arguably began with a study of ~45,000 separated twins in Scandinavia. They developed diseases (or not) independent of the other twin, thus proving that their environment and diets determined their health more than genes (NEJM JULY 13TH 2000;343:78.) For instance, one twin with diabetic parents was similarly affected due to his poor lifestyle and diabetogenic toxins, while his twin did not become diabetic by avoiding those negative factors.

Again, don’t take my word for it. Study the evidence yourself:

Combating Environmental Causes of Cancer  NEJM 2011;364:7991

Gene-environment interplay  J. Science 2007 Oct 2016 : 15

Warburg meets epigenetics  J. Science 28 Oct 2016 : 419-420  (Glycolysis promotes T cell function by an epigenetic mechanism. Warburg won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1931 for saying that excessive sugar in our diet increases the risk of cancer.)

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