Is our freedom worth so little that we would allow the government take away our right to privacy? Prior to releasing his novel, The Spy Files, novelist Ken Eade released this poignant article, The War on Privacy, about this surrender by an public submersed in escapism and sleep. It is more than relevant today.

In Ken’s new novel, Freedom of Information can become a strangely precious asset in a world where the government can withhold often significant information from the public but can, indeed, surveil individuals without proper protection of the law. When Brent Marks, Eade’s protagonist in this 7th book in the Brent Marks Legal Thriller series, he goes against the wishes of his fiance, an FBI agent, as well as the Bureau itself as he tries to prove the innocence of his client in order to truly resolve the case- and, in the end, safeguard his own liberty.

Listen to an excerpt from the audio version of the novel.

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