One of Patricia Welch’s one-lady shows is titled “The Chameleon.” Now, in no sense does Patricia Welch resemble that colorful little animal except in one very clear sense- she is a singer whose performance identity is somehow married to the soul of a character actress. Coupled with her capacity for her performing as a soprano with a four octave range, there is, indeed, a power here that audiences need to reckon with because in many senses- as she morphs from opera to country to folk to rock and roll, there is a kind of dizzying effect- like- how is this actually possible?

But it is also necessary to enclose this description with the caveat that this is not some kind of trick performance. All her songs, even ones with a sense of humor- are performed with the intensity of a powerful character actress who enters entirely into the song and its genre, forcing audiences into a state of deep empathy with the song and the character Patricia plays. What you are witnessing is a serious, almost miraculous ability to grasp the essence of a character with the vocal range to match its quality and diversity of emotions.

Here’s a bit of this magical diversity

And, now, from the stage and concert venue to Country Westerm diva:

To the rich diversity that  you can find in her new CD collection classic standards.


Check out her magnificent 3-CD set, featuring 46 classic standards delivered in Patricia’s empathically shaped and meticulously performed intensity, “Great Entertainment- Cocktails, Dinner and Dessert with Patricia Welch.” Go to www.ThresholdRadio/





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