People have told me that I am always surrounded by people of enormous talent, even genius. I think this is because I like to work with people who consistently amaze me with their work and their dedication.  One of those people is clearly Edgar Arens. a Russian composer I met “by accident” on Ecademy, a social network developed by an English couple, Thomas and Penny Powers, which surely changed a lot of lives. In Edgar and my case, Edgar reached out to me because he knew that I worked on movies- but didn’t realize my focus was writing, not producing. He wanted to see if I could use his help in scoring films. Intrigued by his request and curious about his work, I went to his website and immediately had a “John Williams or better” moment, realizing that I was now in the presence of someone truly gifted and equal in talent to anyone I had ever heard of in the area of musical composition for film.

Although I had worked as a songwriter for years- sometimes working on melody and lyrics and sometimes working with a composer, I always wanted to work with a real partner on my music. Edgar turned out to be someone I could collaborate with- but, miraculously, he was hoping to work with an American singer named Patricia Welch, someone who turned out to practically be a neighbor in California. And so we began a three-way partnership in working together on various songs, many of which are coming to fruition now. Here is a video featuring Edgar Arens and relating of how we are working together in a few different ways.


For more information or to contact New Galaxy Enterprises in regards to Edgar’s work, click here.

Johnny Blue Star

Johnny Blue Star



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