For centuries, mankind has been fascinated by the idea of fallen angels. Imagine a sublime species of Creation, seated beside a Heavenly Throne, willing to risk everything to war against the Creator- with devastating consequences for themselves and mankind. The Fall of Angels, which John Milton poetically transcribed in Paradise Lost is intimately connected with the Fall of Man, for, in traditional religious terms, what is the Devil but the a Fallen Angel? And is it not the Devil’s province to tempt and torment man with his bag of tricks and host of demons? But suppose we look at this story in a slightly different way- perhaps through the lens of a sci-fi science fiction thriller?  Perhaps in something called, “The Thrice Born- Part I of the Pray for the Angels Trilogy?” by Carlos Lopez Avery and Johnny Blue Star.

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We are very thrilled to be able to present to our readers a merry excursion into the fate of the Fallen Angels in a context that mixes science fiction, horror, suspense with a touch of ancient myth and, hopefully, profound speculation- not untouched by a bit of comedy sprinkled here and there. The Thrice Born is the first of a series of books and films called, Pray for the Angels! that address one of the most widely disseminated stories in Western Civilization. Yes, it takes a light-hearted touch but it also touches on realities that have been treated not only Biblically but in apocryphal texts, most notably the Book of Enoch. Also, a lot literature and films. Nonethless, prepare for some surprises! In this story, we feature a very intimate angelic encounter that has occurred over aeons of time, since the beginnings of Mankind. Yes, we have borrowed from all kinds of speculative accounts of what this all means- Were the Nephilim aliens intervening in the genetic fate of mankind, interdimensional travelers who aided mankind’s early history or angels that largely became demonic because of transgressions against their Creator? We explore our own theory here- but truly this is just a fictional platform- not any kind of philosophic commitment. We are just novelists having a bit of fun but not too shy of trying to make you think about what the Descent of the Angels could actually mean. If we were late night radio hosts, we would probably be trying mainly to make you afraid but as novelists we are not totally heartless in this way. Still, we can’t

The Thrice Born” Copyright © 2014  by Johnny Blue Star & Carlos Lopez Avery



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