This blog is another update on New Galaxy’s efforts to further develop Threshold Radio and the Bridge of Light Musical Alliance.

Threshold Radio, which we like to call a Global Media event- is an attempt to integrate the universal elements of human spirituality into a program which discusses personal, business, political and spiritual topics from the standpoint of this perspective. As host and producer of Threshold Radio, I am happy to announce our attempts to expand our program as well as to continue to promote our wide range of guests and musical artists in our LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter networks. Our programs are now available on our website,, YouTube, Sound Cloud and ITunes.

Here is our first video announcing our show, when it was featured- over a year and a half ago- on a Las Vegas radio station. We will soon be broadcasting live from our site.  You can find our archives on this site right now including some our newer programs.

Bridge of Light Productions and Threshold Radio are divisions of New Galaxy Enterprises, a comprehensive media content development company based partially on the experience I have garnered over the years in working on a complex set of challenging content development projects- ranging from novels to screenplays, website development and social network content, radio shows, podcasts and videos and many, many songs. We have continued to featured many wonderful and fascinating guests including suspense thriller novelist, Ken Eade; Business Game Changer radio host, Sarah Westall; Integrative Physician and spiritual investigator, Hugo Rodier, M.D., Crop Circle Investigator and singer/songwriter, Patty Greer; multi-faceted musical artist, Zave Nathan and his talented songwriter/wife, Bonnie Blazak; psychically gifted U.K. singer/songwriter, Stephanie Slevin; phenomenal singer and long-time associate, Patricia Welch and Edgar Arens, Russian composer/musician/singer/songwriter, Edgar Arens.

I am very pleased to announce the on-going formation of a Bangladesh Band, Seven Strings, featuring Ashrasful Shihab who is working with our very talented Director of Technical Services and musician, Hasan Khan- and assisting me in developing a variety of musical projects with a number of associates from our Bridge of Light Alliance. On-going projects include our second video with Patricia Welch, featuring “The Palm Springs Lullabye” with music by Edgar Arens; the “Stranger in the Harbor,” with songwriter Stephanie Slevin with the help of Zave Nathan’s ZaveMusic and “Hoist Up Ye Solar Sails,” part of an album I am developing called, “Libra Unchained.”

Several other projects with Patricia Welch are included in her 2-part interview. Here in the second hour, Patricia discusses our work together with Russian composer, Edgar Arens- in an ongoing project for an album and musical called “Hadleigh’s Castle” with a variety of samples of our songs.

Johnny Blue Star

With Johnny Blue Star
Host of Threshold Radio
CEO of New Galaxy Enterprises

Our understanding is that we can pursue  and see manifest all our real and important dreams in the state of Divine Presence- but to do this, we must give up those thoughts and feelings which separate us from this Presence. These elements, when separated from contact with the Creator could be called the human ego, that sense of self that is truly separated from Source and its intentions.

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