Threshold Radio is slowly moving towards a new dimension in Empowerment Radio.

We have spent the last month or so preparing for a rather important transition to expanding our programming to a daily show consisting of one or two hours a day five times a week, which will encompass broadcasting live and taking calls from listeners on Skype. This has involved restructuring our archived programs into more convenient hourly units, redoing elements of our websites and evolving our technique of posting for friends and colleagues. Until this happens more regularly, we will be posting our archived programs and also intermittent new broadcasts. Stay tuned for the next dimension!

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As a division of New Galaxy Enterprises, a media content development company, Threshold Radio features the news, business efforts, personal relationships and goals from a universalist spiritual point of view. As words like “spirituality” and “universality” can clearly be used in a wide variety of ways, I would like to clarify what I mean here and what we intend to project through New Galaxy Enterprises and its divisions, Threshold Radio and Bridge of Light Productions, which is geared towards the music of social action and spirituality. Our concept in Threshold Radio is find the threads of unity that tie truly spiritual people together, whatever practices and beliefs energize and empower them as sons and daughters of their Creator, the true source of real self-empowerment.

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Johnny Blue Star

With Johnny Blue Star
Host of Threshold Radio
CEO of New Galaxy Enterprises

Our understanding is that we can pursue  and see manifest all our real and important dreams in the state of Divine Presence- but to do this, we must give up those thoughts and feelings which separate us from this Presence. These elements, when separated from contact with the Creator could be called the human ego, that sense of self that is truly separated from Source and its intentions.

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